Join us for an informative meeting about AI!

When: Feb. 22nd, 12pm EST

Title: “From Hype to Confidence: Navigating AI in Your Daily Life”

Summary: This presentation aims to demystify artificial intelligence (AI) for non-practitioners by removing technical jargons and focusing on practical applications. Beginning with a gentle introduction to AI and its evolution, the discussion progresses to recent advancements in Generative AI. Practical tips for using Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Midjourney etc are shared, empowering the audience to confidently integrate AI into their personal and professional lives. The talk also addresses the importance of Responsible AI usage and mitigating associated risks.

Presented by: Balaji Chandrasekaran

Speaker Bio:

Seasoned professional in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. He is currently employed as the Lead Data Scientist for Digitalization at Schaeffler, where he also proudly serves as the company’s Ambassador for Data Science & AI Digitalization. Balaji’s contributions to AI were recognized in 2023 when he was honored with the Top 50 AI Contributor award by the CDAO circle in both North and South Carolina. His expertise has been honed over 15 years in the industry, during which time he has served as the technical lead for wireless communications and the medical devices industry.He holds a Master of Science in Signal Processing and an MBA in Digital Transformation and Data Analytics from the University of California, Irvine. His educational background has equipped him with a deep understanding of the digital landscape, enabling him to spearhead innovative initiatives and drive digital transformation in his roles. Beyond his professional commitments, Balaji Chandrasekaran is a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace. He firmly believes in the importance of diverse perspectives and inclusivity in fostering innovation and productivity. In his leisure time, enjoys playing tennis.