Our SWE-CM Section President, Cheryl Kinchen, served as a technical Judge for three days during the North Carolina Regional FIRST Robotics Competition held at the Dorton Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina March 19-21st. Cheryl says, “Being invited to be one of the Judges this year was an honor. It was fun getting to talk to teams and inspect robots. This was my first time Judging a robotics competition and it was an amazing experience that I look forward to doing again.” There were fifty-five teams from NC, MD, PA, SC, and VA, nine of which were rookies. As a Judge at the event, Cheryl was also able to meet teams that included young women and talk with them. She made it a goal to link these young ladies with professional women role models and was able to introduce several teams to Society of Women professionals as mentors. An example of the impact came from one of the high school students, “My name is Maggie I am the Vice President for the Elemental Dragons, team 3680. I would just like to thank you for coming to our pit and speaking with us. Since I am the only girl, what you said has inspired me to recruit more females for the team and encourage them to pursue a career in engineering. Our last President was a female and she was the one that taught me everything I know today. I hope you will come and visit our workshop sometime! It would be beneficial for everyone on the team to meet a professional in engineering.” This is another example of how our SWE volunteers go Above and Beyond. “ FIRST stands for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, for more go to  www.usfirst.org.


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