The  South East Region D Society of Women’s Conference was held in Tennessee March 26th-28th. The event was hosted by the Tennessee Tech University. The theme was, “A Sea of Opportunities.”  Four of our SWE-CM members were able to attend: Cheryl Kinchen, Divya Radhakrishnan, Chris Cathcart and Angela Berry. Highlights included the opening reception, section development training, workshops, a career fair, SWE boutique, a dinner with guest speaker Jonna Gerkins, presenting, “The State of SWE,” and guest speaker Andrea Clewley presenting, “The State of Region D”.  The awards banquet was the grand finale that included a fantastic Key Note Speaker, Trudy Harper. Cheryl Kinchen, our SWE-CM Section President, was recognized for 10 years SWE membership during the awards banquet.

Chris Cathcart, our SWE-CM Alternate Section Representative, presented, “Interviewing, How to Make a Good Impression”, and a Leadership Module, “Increase Membership.”

Cheryl Kinchen provided systems engineering leadership support to collegiate and professional engineers with her presentation, “You don’t have to be a spy to advance your career, but it helps.” Key points included: ways to gather the information you need while protecting your identity, applying Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) for successful results, and how to find the right company and convincing them you are the right candidate.

Save the date! Our next Region D Conference will be held in Miami, Florida 17-20 March 2016.