Bellydance for Fun

Thank you to everyone who attended this weekend’s Bellydance for Fun event, coordinated with the local UNCC SWE collegiate section.

UNCC students learning some dance moves
UNCC students learning some dance moves.

We all know that sitting all day in front of a computer screen or behind a desk can leave us with aches and eye strain. Our Bellydance for Fun event focused on getting up from our desks and moving in creative ways.

The UNCC students learned some new tips for stretching the hands, neck and feet that can be done while still sitting at a desk, and more rigorous stretches for when they are at home. The dance moves were simple and entertaining, and everyone had a great time laughing and learning together.

We all need to learn to take some time for ourselves, to focus on our health and happiness. Whether through dance or some other activity, take the time to schedule an hour, half an hour, or just fifteen minutes to stretch, walk, dance or run. You won’t regret it.

SWE-Charlottte Metrolina Wins Region D Outreach MOU Partnership Award

The Charlotte Metrolina Section of SWE won the Region D Outreach MOU Partnership Award during the awards banquet on Friday April 1 at the Region Conference.  The award recognizes one Professional and one Collegiate Section that has an outstanding program targeted for the outreach organizations that SWE has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with: FIRST, Girls Incorporated, and Girl Scouts of the USA. The Outreach MOU Partnership Award is not limited to a one-time only activity.

The award application was submitted based on the Engineers are Epic! event with the Hornets Nest Girl Scout Council.  The events are held in the fall and spring (Engineers Week) to provide hands on experiences for Girl Scouts in the different engineering fields.

Angela Berry has organized these events over the past 13 years.  She recruits volunteers for each event and provides support to each session leader so they can learn the activity and teach the Girl Scouts about the area of engineering.   All the volunteers for this have brought about this award win for the Section!  Thanks to all those involved.